Monday, October 15, 2012


Ever since Rihanna’s ultra-exlusive interview with Oprah, I have been utterly in love with America’s most powerful popstar/Time’s most influential people in 2012/best dressed singer (in my opinion).

This month, she is featured in Vogue magazine with photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz.

Desert Storm

Rihanna kicks up some dust in a Valentino lace dress with leather bodice on location at Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California. Gaspar fingerless gloves.

Something Wild

“Spur of the moment,” Rihanna says of her pixie cut, unveiled to the public at the VMAs. Dior Haute Couture hand-embroidered silk cutoff dress. Céline mules.

“My dream was to make music that people could listen to all over the world.” Michael Kors crimson embroidered floral-lace dress.

Body Heat
“I don’t like to live a calculated life. I don’t do anything for the reaction.” Rosamosario bustier bodysuit and Revillon lace pencil skirt with mink-and-fox trim.

Only Girl in the World
The six-time Grammy award–winner tweets to almost 26 million followers—nearly six million more than the president. Marc Jacobs sequined silk top and skirt.

Desert Rose
The singer on set in California.


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