Friday, May 31, 2013

living lovely

I wanted to share with you some amazing photos taken as we prepped this past week for our MASSIVE warehouse sale.  These beauties were all at Sofia Owner & Buyer, Ashley Zisook's wonderful place (can you spot the ChanelSamantha WillsLuv AJHermes?)
Can one girl ever wear enough Chanel or Hermes? I think not :)
(as seen on Ashley)
An amazing art piece made with mixed media - my favorite!
Hanging with Sofie in my new M2F starred cut off shorts and converse sneakers
When renting our truck, the Budget owners had the cutest vintage shop called A World Through Rose Colored Glasses, in which we stopped and adored her goodies
(like this Harper's Bazar art piece)
Meanwhile, our Uber car packed with warehouse sale goodies
And so it began....
 The Sofia team after a successful warehouse sale.  What a day!
After the sale, I needed a serious meal at the midnight hour - which is where this foie gras terrine dish comes in (paired with some strawberry jam and texas toast by Au Cheval)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

everything must go

Don't miss out on rock bottom prices for some of Chicago's very own boutiques:
In true warehouse-style, we will be in a pop-up location in West Town (Google Maps)

island life

Back from Honolulu and could not be happier looking through all the amazing scenic shots my boyfriend and I took of the island. Oahu is has a scenic viewpoint at every turn, & beaches for miles!
On the first day, we had breakfast at the Modern hotel’s outdoor terrace (strawberry waffles for him and parmesan – egg whites – kale omelet with a local fruit salad for me).

While driving on the west side of the island, we ran into Mike’s Kiawe Huli Huli Food Truck and had one of our first servings of the island’s notorious garlic shrimp.

Across the street from the food truck stop was a beautiful water front area that surrounded the mountains.  The greenery had such a powerful, yet calming effect.

I thought my Senorita dress complimented the scenery, and served as the perfect cover up for my Zimmerman suit (peak-a-boo-ing in this pic :D ).  I have always adored this off-the-shoulder look from first sight, but it can also be worn as a tube top, if desired :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

street story #2

A Theme: The Street

For this new opus, the Antidote editorial team wanted to tackle one of the greatest sources of inspiration to the fashion industry.
It’s no more than a step from the street to the catwalk…and today it’s crossed more than ever in both directions!
A symptom of an era, off-site shows flourish on the web pages of the most important titles as much as on the innumerable Street Style blogs.
This phenomenon highlights styles that are often more powerful than the “total look” and is overturning the image of the fashion business.
Wishing to engage with the spirit of the moment in a manner that was not just “following the fashion”, Yann Weber also wanted to provide a panorama of the inspiring people that we deal with or that we fantasise about, and glorify them for the occasion.
A gallery of atypical portraits, this issue of Antidote needed to be shot live on location by the master of the genre…

Monday, May 20, 2013


Miley Cyrus looked STUNNER in her Balmain S/S 13 Jumpsuit, which she paired with a pair of Givenchy peep-toe shoes and pouty red lips. Kudos to her for choosing such a statement piece – not just anyone can pull off this killer embroidered masterpiece.

Miley’s style has gone through an extraordinary evolultion during the past year, which seems like it spurred around the same time she chopped off her hair (YOU GOOOOO GIRL!)
Who could forget her in this slinky fishnet Marc Jacobs dress at the Met Gala?
Miley was seen pushing the envelope at last year’s BMA in this oversized blazer by Jean Paul Gaultier, which we drooled over!
What do you think of Miley’s grown up looks? Could you pull off her looks?

Friday, May 17, 2013

milk the goat

Kylie & Vanessa were pictured in Rock V Top & Newport Lace Shorts
Milk the Goat has recently been spotted on some of the youngest celebrities, and we think this will be the next sensation of gypsy-wear (cc: Jen’s Pirate Booty & Spell & the Gypsy)
Inspired by a California-Hippie aesthetic, Milk the Goat apparel and jewelry speaks to the essence of the care-free girl who loves to travel, laugh, and envisions the world as her playground!
Based in Bali, designer Nicole Kunz offers a section on her website called the ‘Treasure Chest’ where she shares one-of-a-kind pieces she has picked up along her travels across the globe. 

Hand-picked, global-influenced jewelry?  Sounds like every girl's dream come true!
Would you rock Milk the Goat & Treasure Chest pieces?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In honor of the Blackhawks making it to the next round in the playoffs, I decided to post the outfit I’ll be wearing to tonight’s game! GO HAWKS!

photography by: Ryan VanAcker

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sofia x VTG Wonderland

VTG Wonderland did an amazing event with Sofia this past weekend, and brought a lot of Vintage Chanel, Givenchy, and Céline to Chicago from their hometown NYC. 

This event was any girl’s dream come true!

The owner, Jade, from VTG Wonderland was wearing a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim loafers that I had been eyeing a while back paired the most comfortable Sarong Zara trousers.