Saturday, May 25, 2013

street story #2

A Theme: The Street

For this new opus, the Antidote editorial team wanted to tackle one of the greatest sources of inspiration to the fashion industry.
It’s no more than a step from the street to the catwalk…and today it’s crossed more than ever in both directions!
A symptom of an era, off-site shows flourish on the web pages of the most important titles as much as on the innumerable Street Style blogs.
This phenomenon highlights styles that are often more powerful than the “total look” and is overturning the image of the fashion business.
Wishing to engage with the spirit of the moment in a manner that was not just “following the fashion”, Yann Weber also wanted to provide a panorama of the inspiring people that we deal with or that we fantasise about, and glorify them for the occasion.
A gallery of atypical portraits, this issue of Antidote needed to be shot live on location by the master of the genre…

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