Tuesday, May 28, 2013

island life

Back from Honolulu and could not be happier looking through all the amazing scenic shots my boyfriend and I took of the island. Oahu is has a scenic viewpoint at every turn, & beaches for miles!
On the first day, we had breakfast at the Modern hotel’s outdoor terrace (strawberry waffles for him and parmesan – egg whites – kale omelet with a local fruit salad for me).

While driving on the west side of the island, we ran into Mike’s Kiawe Huli Huli Food Truck and had one of our first servings of the island’s notorious garlic shrimp.

Across the street from the food truck stop was a beautiful water front area that surrounded the mountains.  The greenery had such a powerful, yet calming effect.

I thought my Senorita dress complimented the scenery, and served as the perfect cover up for my Zimmerman suit (peak-a-boo-ing in this pic :D ).  I have always adored this off-the-shoulder look from first sight, but it can also be worn as a tube top, if desired :)

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